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Welcome to the Circle of Life Center!

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Circle of Life Center provides dynamic, life-changing presentations and workshops on a variety of topics, including:

Interfaith spirituality: Interfaith spirituality is a door to a personal relationship with Source.  It differs from religion in that it is a way of being - a connection within to the One Power and Presence in the Universe.  Once we make this connection we are home, and we can then begin to live an authentic life.  

Co-dependency and recovery: Codependency is the inability to have an intimate relationship with ourselves and others.  Many of us learned in our family of origin that that the world is not safe, and have responded to real or perceived threats by erecting emotional walls that keep us from trusting and developing ourselves emotionally. There is no spirituality in this way of living because we constantly seek self protection.  In the recovery process we begin to experience unconditional love, intimacy and vulnerability, the essential components of emotional development, and from this foundation we learn to grow spiritually to become the persons we were meant to be. 

Women’s issues: As women, we have the ability to handle and care for so many people, places and things without ever having learned to truly care for ourselves.  While assisting others to go after their dreams, when it comes to ourselves, we are just too tired, too spent, too………………….  To help you reclaim your life, Circle of Life Center offers messages on the following topics:

  • The time is now, the place is now. 
  • Becoming the change we seek.
  • Living our integrity.
  • Building a support network.
  • Saying yes to what we want on a daily basis.
  • When we live from gratitude and compassion, a new world appears.

Self discovery and the transformation process: As we build our awareness, we often discover that the things we are thinking, saying, and doing are actually creating more of what we don't want to experience in our lives.  Once we become aware of the power of out thoughts, we can tune into our creativity and discover new ways of thinking and expressing ourselves in order to create the life experience we truly want.

Gratitude and Appreciation: Whatever we focus on in life becomes our experience.  When we allow ourselves to live in appreciation for all that we have, we can begin to experience more of what we want. 

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