Director, Camille Currie

Welcome to the Circle of Life Center!

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Coaching assists individuals to clarify what they want by helping them find the answers within themselves.  We are our own answer.  No one else can live our lives for us. 

Sometimes, however, we may seek outside assistance in discovering beneficial and profitable ways to use our gifts and talents.  At these times, coaching helps us clear away the dust in our thinking and perceptions, facilitating us to overcome inertia and move forward in creating the life we want.

More about coaching:

  • This is done one on one - in person or over the phone
  • The initial interview is over the phone and is free of charge
  • The first session is done in person (unless distance is an issue).
  • Payments are in advance of appointment and can be made through Pay-Pal. 

Contact Circle of Life Center director, Camille Currie for a consultation.