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Coming this fall to Quakertown and Doylestown:

Love, Forgiveness and Learning To Let Go:

This workshop is a full Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 10--2.

Why should we forgive? What does forgiveness really mean? And more importantly, how do we forgive when we’ve experienced things that really are, in our minds, absolutely unforgivable?

In this workshop we will explore the thoughts that may be supporting a belief system that does not give us the results we seek.  Through meditation, music, writing and group participation we will shift our awareness from the past to create a new moment of now.  And once we discover the truth of our experiences, we can allow the forgiveness process to take place.

The Woman’s Spiritual Warrior Training 

A Spiritual Warrior a woman who can look at herself and be brutally honest. She is ready and willing to shed limiting beliefs and automatic behaviors that have covered up her true nature, her soul nature, her identity.

The goal of this workshop is to understand the truth of who we are so that we can move into a higher vibration. When we raise our vibration, life becomes magical. It’s as though the seas part, and we find ourselves living in God time—the present moment where we transcend time and space.  Some call this heaven, but we are actually anchoring heaven on earth by vibrating at a higher level so that our very being assists in the healing process for our fellow man and for our planet.  

Why take this training? This training is for women who desire to live their truth and are committed to spiritual growth and unfoldment. It is for those who already have a high level of awareness, yet still find themselves affected at times by outward appearances. 

About the training:  Through meditation, music, ritual, writing, sharing, group process, individual process and dyads (work with a partner), we will clear limiting beliefs and anchor ourselves in the living truth of who and what we are. 

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